Our Services

Services offered by BCA are focused on advising the ļ¬nancing and implementation of strategic solutions by using available local and international contacts and experience.

Services to small & mid-size businesses

BCA's team has expertise in industries as varied as the businesses we work with. To help businesses grow, we dedicate a team tailored to their specific needs. Key characteristics of a BCA client include: a driving passion for their business, market or industry entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to arriving at the best possible outcome. Our clients are often innovators in their field, creators of competitive advantage and opportunity seekers. Typically, they have adopted a unique market perspective. Their businesses represent a true cross section of the economy encompassing a variety of industries and product groups.

From the initial step of assessing strategic alternatives, including valuation and management consulting to executing mergers and acquisitions, we create exceptional financial value for middle market business owners and stakeholders.